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A full-service interior design and architectural consulting firm, SMB Interiors has been developing timeless designs which are unique and customer specific. Our philosophy is to create spaces with impeccable standards and precise attention to detail, which will drive a project's success. We understand that effective space planning is critical to our daily lives – it supports how we think and feel and it affects how we interact with our loved ones and colleagues every day.  


The SMB team spends an extraordinary amount of time upfront in order to understand our clients’ goals, individual taste, and personality. We thrive on creating highly functional spaces that are smart and stylish, and pride ourselves on exceptional work within your budget. We often partner closely with contractors and architects to create custom designs with clean lines and a contemporary edge.


Our team specializes in:


  • Full-service Interior Design

  • Home Furnishings, Accessories and Decor

  • Kitchen and Bath Design

  • Space Planning

  • Construction and Project Oversight

  • Cabinetry & Built-ins

  • Hardware Details

  • Home Organization


We have been fortunate to have the vast majority of our business driven on a purely word-of-mouth basis and are pleased to serve many customers on a repeat basis.  Client references are available upon request.

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